Speaker Start-Up Kit

You want to be a speaker, but …

  • You’re not sure how to get started
  • You’re unsure what needs to be done first
  • You don’t know how to get speaking gigs
  • You’re excited, but also nervous that you might make a fool out of yourself 

Have no fear, your Speaker Start Up Kit is here!

Keep reading to find out the 3 secrets the Speaking Pros know NOW!

Secret #1 – Be Prepared

The PROBLEM if you don’t:

  • You don’t foresee all of the obstacles that could go wrong

  • Your embarrassment when you realize that you forgot something VERY important

  • Your credibility plummets

  • Feel like you bombed and then give up


True Speaker Story

A speaker at a very professional association, with a perfect target market audience, had a snafu with the audio/visual. He became aggressive with the staff in front of the audience because his sound didn’t work, he had the audience wait for it to get fixed instead of moving on and he continually repeated that his presentation was a 90-minute presentation squeezed into 30-minutes. Ultimately, he went 30-minutes past his time, ignoring his encouragement to finish and threw the entire agenda off schedule. Sad part – his service was great and he probably could have helped those prospective clients. Totally depressing part – he ruined his credibility and will never be asked back, got zero business and completely wasted his time. In fact he was worse off by speaking than if he had stayed home binge watching Netflix.


Here is the SOLUTION:

  • If you’re passionate about being a speaker, then get your ducks in a row.

  • Set aside time to create what you need to get started

  • Create a professional speaker sheet

  • Have a plan to get speaking gigs


Secret #2 – Have a signature talk

The PROBLEM if you don’t:

  • Again, major credibility lost without clarity of your talk and what the audience will learn

  • You will lose your audience if they don’t know WIIFM

  • You will lose future speaking/client referrals

  • You will fumble up there, and risk public humiliation

  • If you don’t know what you’re going to say, then no one else does either – this isn’t a guessing game!


True Speaker Story

A man PAID for a 10-minute speaking spot at a professional business networking function with 100 potential prospects in the room. He briefly explained his product in about 2 minutes. He then said, “Does anyone have any questions?”  That was his plan. To ask if anyone had questions and fill EIGHT minutes with people asking him questions. Holy moly. It was awkward. It was embarrassing. People asked questions to save him!


Here is the SOLUTION:

  • Get a sizzling title that describes your topic

  • Your audience craves an experience, interaction, and authenticity

  • Develop key learning points that you deliver on

  • Practice your talk out loud (we recommend 10 times minimally!) before you “go live”


Secret #3 – Get Expert Guidance

The PROBLEM if you don’t:

  • Will cost you time, embarrassment, and money

  • Get discouraged and give up on your dreams of being a speaker

  • Your message isn’t heard

  • You can’t help other people with your product or service


True Speaker Story

There was a talented woman who had TONS of life experience. She said she could speak on ANYTHING. Gets a speaking engagement and flops because she “winged it” thinking she could dazzle the crowd with a story off the top of her head. WRONG! You need to have a plan. Sometimes it’s hard to see ourselves. We can help others, but can’t see our own stuff. Get an objective opinion and expert guidance. If you wanted to become a dentist, would you just “wing it” because you have teeth and had been taking care of them your whole life? NO! Get some education.


The Speaker Start Up Kit is the SOLUTION:

  • Easy to implement strategies that can skyrocket you from where you are to where you want to be as a speaker

  • Shortcut the process by learning from those who have walked before you

  • Follow step-by-step systems like developing the title of your signature talk, your learning points, creating your own speaker sheet and getting yourself booked.

Johnnie Urban Speaking

Get Your Speaker Start Up Kit Today!

  1. Create Your Solution Driven Speech Title
    • Quick guide to a signature topic & key learning points
  2. Essential components to Create Your Speaker One Sheet
    • A checklist of what you need to have on your speaker sheet
  3. Magnetic Speech Introduction Template
    • Be introduced with power!
  4. Speech Engagement Data Sheet
    • What you need to keep track of when booking a gig
  5. Incredible Speaker Checklist
    • Everything to remember to do and take with you


  1. Eradicate Um/Ah Out of Your Speech (Audio Download)
  2. 197 Emotional Words to Spice Up Your Speech
  3. 5 Most Critical Components of a Signature Talk
  4. Sizzling Signature Speech Coaching Session

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Leisa Reid Speaking


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Your facilitators:

Johnnie Urban and Leisa Reid

The love for public speaking brought Leisa and Johnnie together.

Leisa and Johnnie first met in early 2014 at a networking breakfast where Leisa was the guest speaker.

Soon after they met again at another networking event, OC Speakers Network, that Leisa had founded for fellow public speakers to collaborate and encourage each other to grow.

From there they nurtured a friendship that grew into a partnership for projects including this one The Speaker Start Up Kit.

johnnieurbanJohnnie Urban is an Author, Speaker, Master Life & Business Success Coach and Workshop Facilitator specializing in teaching Authentic Public Speaking.

She works with heart centered sensitive entrepreneurs, who struggle saying what they do. She helps them speak their passion so they can easily get more clients.

Founder and CEO of Wonderful Life Learning Co. a Christian based Life Success Coaching & Consulting Company.  Johnnie is also a Certified Strategic Interventionist and Christian Counselor.

She has been training and coaching her clients successfully in growing their business by speaking authentically for nearly 5 years giving them both competence and confidence to be their authentic selves while delivering their message to the world.

But Johnnie has also been on the other side of the stage, having nearly 16 years in the Tony Robbins environment of management, leadership and coaching experience in both large and small educational events and corporations.

Johnnie is considered an international authority on Highly Sensitive People. Author of “Stop The Madness, How the Highly Sensitive Person Can Thrive In the Chaotic World” has become highly regarded in the self-help arena with healers, coaches and therapists.

Her book, Stop The Madness, is changing the perspective of what the traits and abilities of a highly sensitive person is all about.

She also is the creator of several audio programs that support her heart-centered clients in being able to shorten the learning curve of speaking confidently in public.

Serving the greater Orange County area and the U.S., Johnnie lives with her husband, her extremely highly sensitive and loving Dog, Shadow, in Laguna Hills, Ca.

leisa-reid-headshot-2016-closeupLeisa Reid is a Speaker, Author and Trainer who presents to 1000’s of people throughout Southern California. She has both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Speech Communication from California State University, Fullerton. By the age of 22 she was teaching Interpersonal Communication at her alma mater.

Leisa’s love of speaking and teaching followed her through her career in education, management and sales. In 2013, she became a speaker for a personal development company, and in her first year booked and delivered 76 speaking engagements in her first year!

By the fall of 2013, Leisa spearheaded and founded the highly successful OC Speakers Network, an organization that supports speakers who wish to share their expertise. The most common question she hears from aspiring speakers is, “How do I get speaking engagements?” She realized that there were a lot of people who needed a head start with the basics so they could deliver their message. She partnered up with fellow speaker, author and trainer, Johnnie Urban to serve those speakers who have a powerful message to share.

In 2016, she became a contributing author to a book, “Dare to be Authentic: Learning to Trust Yourself,” and published her own book, “Manage to Success: A Guide to Cultivating Happy and Productive Employees.”

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